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EOC on its way to becoming Smart, Smarter…, Smartest

Belgium, The Netherlands, 20 June 2016 – EOC Group, the world-wide specialty chemicals producer, has started preparations to implement the HAI*QPM Smart Factory Cloud Software in their Belgium facilities. This SAP Netweaver SaaS solution fits perfectly in EOC’s IT-strategy which is completely based on SAP software.

Simply working Smarter

“In the end, our goal is to produce higher volumes at lower cost, whilst maintaining our high level of flexible and adequate customer fulfilment. If we can achieve this by simply working smarter, that’s the way to go”, says Alex Stok, Operations Director at EOC Group.

SAP strategy – Software as a Service (SaaS)

EOC did not just fall for HAI*QPM’s fancy features alone. It deliberately selected HAI because of its SAP certification and its cloud availability. “Any supplier may offer a nice piece of software, but these days we know that only those who build their software using the best technology will be successful”, says Bart Bisschop, Corporate ICT Manager at EOC Group. No need for local software installation and system management is just one of the many benefits of a cloud application. The perfect fit with the SAP software also plays an important role.

First Line Operational Excellence Tool

The Continuous Improvement Teams at EOC carry out Lean and 6Sigma projects. To this end they need to analyse factory data. Astrid Cappuyns, Process Engineer at EOC Group comments: “We used to perform these analyses on an ad-eoc_latex-compounds-250x250hoc basis, but we felt the need for a tool to continuously unlock factory data in a user-friendly way. This speeds up and improves data analyses, which helps us to identify opportunities for improvement.”

A strong aspect of the HAI*QPM Smart Factory Software is its ability to visualize in real-time Factory data with Operator records, data from SAP and data from other sources such as Quality data or in-line inspections. Thus, meaningless factory data becomes valuable information, enabling engineers & R&D staff to optimize the processes, and enabling operators to timely respond to deviations.

The first step at EOC is to implement the software to capture batch processing times. If the processing time exceeds the standard, operators specify the reason for this in the software. Analyses and reports identify the opportunities for improvement to decrease processing time and increase production volumes. The same can be done to analyse recipe compliance or energy consumption.

In search of the Golden Batch

Transparency of factory data reveals hidden opportunities for improvement. Even more so, it helps to find the Golden Batch: the best batch you ever made. Which settings and  circumstances turn out to result in the best batch for this product? Once this is discovered, operators use HAI*QPM to monitor in real-time if the current batch matches the Golden Batch criteria.

About HAI

HAI in The Netherlands (www.hai.nl) is an expert in Cloud Smart Factory Software, and selected by Gartner as a Cool Vendor for Manufacturing Operations. It delivers HAI*QPM Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) solutions to help manufacturing companies to accelerate operational performance initiatives, drive operating strategies and capture actionable insight in production & quality compliance. Successful implementations of HAI*QPM have been done at KraftHeinz, Yakult, Orkla Foods, Elopak, Intertaste and Pepsico.

About EOC Group

The EOC Group (www.eocgroup.com) produces compounds, latices, adhesives, surfactants and emulsions in Europe and Asia, employing approx. 750 people worldwide.  EOC Group offers a wide range of high quality products for the textile, carpet, construction, automotive, non-woven, paper cardboard, paint, adhesive, detergents and cosmetic industries.


HAI, Stationsstraat 41i, 3331 LR Zwijndrecht -The Netherlands, T +31 (0)78 613 5666, info@hai.nl, www.hai.nl

For more information, please contact: pdehaer@hai.nl

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