Paper, Textiles & Packaging 

Paper and board production can be challenging nowadays. The necessity to innovate for more sustainable paper and board production demands a thorough understanding of the capabilities of your production process. Energy and water consumption and recycled raw materials demand production process adjustments. Each reel is carefully monitored for thickness, weight, dry- and wet strength of the paper, color, etc. Which process parameters influence for instance the wet strength?

The production of paper-based packaging solutions has its own challenges. Dealing with strict dimensional end-product specifications, the production process needs to be closely monitored and fully in control. Critical characteristics where consistency is important for high productivity are ink-surface interaction, dimensional stability, flatness, clean edges and surfaces and correct folding action.

You need to produce the expected volumes and – even more challenging – a consistent end-product quality. Meanwhile you’re surely focused on getting the most out of your installations, you are always trying to increase your volumes and you need to deal with unplanned downtimes. And what about decreasing rejected batches and improve product quality performance?

Yes! It is a challenging game. And to perform as the best in this game you need to have a perfect insight into the characteristics of your raw materials, processing conditions within your factory, operator observations, and in the end your product quality performance. Dealing with varieties in raw material composition, in-line monitoring of product characteristics, and – in the end – knowing exactly your actual cost-price per product and batch.

The HAI smart4industries software collects all these data, identifies anomalies in real-time, and provides trending and in-depths statistics and analysis. You are the expert, we provide you with the information you need to be successful.

Quote from a process technologist in the paper production industry:

“By closely monitoring and analyzing the paper drying processing conditions, we’ve been able to create a saving of 200K yearly. This was done by decreasing the temperature in thegas hood by 20-30 °C.

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   What you’ll have

  • One database with production & quality data from multiple sources:
    SCADA/PLC/Historian, SKU/batchnumbers, Lab test results, Operator Logsheets, In-line Process Control records, Microbiology Lab results, etc.
  • Your current paperbased records for organoleptic tests, operator control points (CCP’s), start-up checklists, cleaning records and excel sheets can be replaced by the abovementioned database.
  • Trending, correlations and other SPC analyses for trouble shooting, process improvement opportunities, etc.
  • Use your in-line product quality measurements for real-time predictive analytics on your end-product quality
  • OEE on your process & downtime analyses
  • Real-time compliance display for process conditions & quality
  • Early warning system to prevent out-of-spec
  • Tracking & Tracing, exceptions reports, cost-price validation, etc.
  • A Plant BI-Tool for all your plant reports and dashboards

   Your benefits

  • In case of any questions, quality issues or complaints: no more extensive searching in operator control records, SCADA, ERP, Excel and lab systems. All the information you need immediately available in one database: one mouse click away!
  • Reduce rejected batches (white colour, strength, thickness, dimensions, print, etc.)
  • Find optimum process settings for fast and stable production
  • Improve product quality consistency
  • Minimize downtimes/maximize speed/improve OEE
  • Reduce energy consumption and prevent fouling
  • Optimize your maintenance strategy
  • Unparalleled insight into the performance of your paper machine, converting, slitter, flamesealer and other machines

“80% of my time was lost on combining data from operator logs, excel, historian, scada and quality test results. After “cleaning” these data, I could finally start analyzing the data, and find answers to my questions. Now I can concentrate 100% on analysis and interpretation of the data.”


Simply available in the Cloud …. No capital investment …. Subscription-based