Visualization Trending Analytics

Using Data to make a difference

Graphs, Analyses, Metrics and Dashboards to harness the power of data

Whether it’s about Quality, Process, Energy, Water, Production or CIP, HAI offers a powerful, yet easy-to-use, system to create trending, reports and analytics.  In real-time or historic. In predefined dashboards or for free-style analysis activities. It helps you to gain an understanding of the data and its implications. The power of data is now at your finger tips.

Plant BI (business intelligence) for Smart Factories

BI (business intelligence) systems for financial purposes have been available for quite some time now. And these applications have paid off.  Strange enough, little attention has been paid sofar to apply this success for smart factories on plant data. This is now changing with the availability of a full blown Plant BI application from HAI.

Real-time compliance monitoring, including contextual data for Smart Factories

Data on product quality, production and processing conditions are immediately matched against specifications and visualized in real-time. Individual data are shown in the context of other relevant data, resulting in a meaningful and comprehensive display. Any anomily will be identified and visualized in a user-friendly clear display

Trending for Smart Factories: real-time and over a longer period

Real-time trending of product quality and processing conditions is important for operators. It allows them to closely monitor their processes and serves as an “early warning system” to prevent out-of-spec situations. Trending of data over a longer period of time may reveal interesting information for process engineers, quality engineers and trouble shooters.

Finding causes for “non-quality” in Smart Factories

The HAI software enables correlations- and causality-studies to identify (multivariate) relationships between raw materials characteristics, process conditions and end-product quality. Especially the development of a tool to identify the most probable causes for non-quality was a challenge to our team. Yet, it has resulted in an easy-to-use feature to support trouble shooting process engineers.

Dashboards for Smart Factories

Dashboards give real-time information on trends and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), Quality Performance, Adherence to Plan, etc. This may concern Operator Production Dashboards, Quality Dashboards or  Management Dashboards.

“Early-warning system” control charts (SPC) for Smart Factories

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a succesful method to apply statistics in process control with the objective to produce the best possible quality in the best possible conditions. To this end, process control charts are presented in real-time to serve as an “early warning system” for operators to prevent out-of-spec situations.

OEE for Smart Factories: real-time and easy analysis

OEE is an important Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for Smart Factories. OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a metric to assess your factory performance. It includes Availability Performance (downtime monitoring), Speed Performance (speed losses) and Quality Performance (rejected batches, inferior quality). By measuring OEE and its underlying losses, you’ll have important insights on how to systematically improve your production and packing processes. OEE is the single best metric for identifying losses, benchmarking progress, and improving the productivity. Important prerequisite of reliable OEE measurements is to automatically collect the data instead of relying on manual operator records. Just as important are features for real-time feedback to operators and user-friendly flexible analysis and reporting capabilities.