Do you use SAP as your company’s backbone?

We can help you benefit even more from your SAP system.

Connect your SAP system with hai-app for digital manufacturing

HAI ontwerp SAP

hai-app has been developed to enhance your SAP system with a great system for a digital factory.

Automatically context your SAP production orders witch batchnumbers, quality control measurements, operator logsheets, start-stop times and other data from your process control system, including in-line measurements.

Enhance your SAP QM system with one gateway to connect multiple lab test equipment systems, and an easy screen for manual data entry in SAP inspection lots, and real-time visualisation and trending of your SAP quality data.

Enhance your reporting and data collection capabilities and improve operator user experience.

Visualisation, Trending & Analytics

Plant and Quality add-ons

Connectivity & Technology

Quick & Easy

The Benefits of enhancing your SAP landscape with hai-app are clear:

• Empower SAP with extra capabilities for use in Production and Quality

• Reduce complexity

• Stay true to your SAP strategy

Gartner CoolVendorAward

Gartner Names HAI a Cool Vendor for Manufacturing Operations

SAP-connected Cloud software for Digital Manufacturing recognized as Innovative

HAI has been named a Cool Vendor in Gartner’s recent report: “Cool Vendors in Manufacturing Operations”, by Simon F. Jacobson and Rick Franzosa. The HAI software …. makes production and quality data visible and, therefore, useful.

Innovative, Impactful and Intriguing

Vendors selected for the “Cool Vendor” report are innovative, impactful and intriguing. “We believe this recognition further underscores what we already hear from our customers” said Peter de Haer, CEO of HAI. “They enjoy the ease of implementation and roll-out of the HAI software in the Cloud, while benefitting from its SAP-connections.  HAI dramatically improves the availability of plant and quality information, which enables better quality control and plant performance optimization.”