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Smart Factory Software for (Spray)Drying processes

Spray drying can be a challenging process. That is, if you are interested in getting the most out of your installations, if you hate unplanned downtimes, if you are always trying to increase your volumes, if you want to optimally control your dry matter content, if you love the perfect particle size for your customers, if you have a strong focus on improving product quality, if you ….

Yes! It is a challenging game. And to perform as the best in this game you need to have a perfect insight into your incoming fluid characteristics, spray drying processing conditions, operator observations, and in the end your product quality characteristics.

The HAI smart4industries software collects all these data, identifies anomalies in real-time, and provides trending and in-depths statistics and analysis. The dashboards easily provide you with any information you need.



Quote from a process technologist:

The HAI software helped me to become much more effective in my job: with all the data easily available for analysis and trending, I quickly find answers to solve problems and create opportunities. In the past, I would typically spend 80% of my time on collecting data from different soucres, before I could even start an analysis. It allows me to have much more impact on the succesful operation of our company.”

   What you’ll have

The HAI software provides one central database with production & quality data from multiple sources: SCADA/PLC/Historian, SKU/batchnumbers, lab test results, operator logsheets, in-line measurements, shift reports, microbiology lab results, etc. Your current paper-based records for organoleptic tests, operator control points (CCP’s), start-up checklists, cleaning records and excel sheets are replaced by the entry screens of the HAI database.


Real-time operations support:

  • Real-time compliance display for process conditions & quality
  • Real-time trending
  • Early warning system to prevent out-of-spec
  • Use your in-line measurements (like PSD Analyser) for real-time predictive analytics on your end-product particle size distribution
  • Operator entry screens for operator checklists, hygiene inspections, CIP-records, QA inspections, HACCP control records and shift reports


Looking back & ahead:

  • Trending, correlations and other SPC analyses for trouble shooting, process improvement opportunities, etc.
  • OEE on your process & downtime analyses
  • Tracking & Tracing, exceptions reports, cost-price validation, etc.
  • A Plant BI-Tool for all your plant reports and dashboards

   Your benefits

In case of any questions, quality issues or complaints: no more extensive searching in operator control records, SCADA, ERP, Excel and lab systems. All the information you need is immediately available in the HAI database: one mouse click away!


This will help you to:

  • Reduce # rejected batches (particle size, black spots, etc.)
  • Find optimum process settings for fast and stable production
  • Improve product quality consistency
  • Minimize downtimes/maximize speed/improve OEE
  • Reduce energy consumption and prevent fouling
  • Optimize your CIP process and your maintenance strategy
  • Gain unparalleled insight into the performance of your spray dryer and other units

Quote from a plant manager:

”With the HAI software, we’re able to accurately identify opportunities for improvement in production. After all, it provides insights into the details of processing conditions and its effects on quality and volumes, and ultimately on financials. Thus it helps us to continuously improve our operations.”


Simply available in the Cloud …. No capital investment …. Subscription-based