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Do you use PI system to store data from your production process?

Great! This is how the interactive hai-app logsheets help:

Manual Data Entry

Data Entry

Logsheets combine automatic & manual data

Data in Context

Data in context

OSI PI data along with data from ERP, LIMS, etc.

Standard Logsheets

Osisoft PI System Connector

No dashboard configuration needed

“The HAI dashboards and reports help us to drive even more value from our PI system data.”

process technologist at a food processing company

Powerful (batch)reporting

Production reports typically include PI-data as well as product quality data, lab data and operator observations. The HAI software combines these different types of data and facilitates reporting on multiple levels: KPI dashboards, technological reports with automatic calculations of product and quality performance, exception reports, CCP-reports (critical control points), and reports on volumes, numbers, weights, contents of protein, fat, moisture, dry matter, viscosity, etc.

The reactions from the field are laudatory

Advanced Analytics

The real-time HAI dashboards combine trending of processing conditions with trending on product quality data. Features for SPC (statistical process control) combine with features for SQC (statistical quality control), along with correlations, golden batch analysis, etc.


Dairy production manager

“In a few days time we were up and running with the first HAI dashboards, combining operator quality control with automatic PI system data.”

Operator cheese plant

“The manual operator logsheet is fully integrated in the real-time dashboard with process and quality performance. It is user-friendly and effective.”


Smart dashboards

In Food production, it is important that operators have a real-time view on all information that relates to the production process. Process compliance is just one of the things operators need to monitor.

They also need a real-time view on product quality compliance.

Additionally, they need to perform all types of production and quality checks.

The HAI smart logsheets combine process and product quality data, and include manual data entry facilities in the very same dashboards.


Easy creation of dashboards, logsheets and reports

Key users define their own dashboards, logsheets and reports. It is a matter of configuration and requires no programming.This is why production staff can define and maintain their own dashboards, and they do not need assistance from IT experts.


HAI in the Batch Industry

HAI has a strong position in batch industries. Read more about the HAI software in the Food Industry, the Dairy industry, (Spray)drying processes, Ingredients and Bio-chemicals, Paper and Packaging, and Other Batch industries.

About the OSIsoft PI System

Many industrial companies choose OSIsoft PI System to collect, store and leverage industrial data. HAI’s experience in the Food industry helps to drive maximum value from the PI system data.

Read more on OSIsoft PI System

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