Big Data Analytics Service

Simple answers to Complex Questions

Hidden insights into your production or supply chain

HAI smart4industries Platform

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Data intelligence for Smart Factories
More and more companies become aware that data intelligence is key in solving challenges of today and the future. Either within their own factory (Smart Factory or Industry 4.0), or within their supply chains, or even in a wider perspective.

Ready-to-use, short lead times and lower costs
The HAI smart4industries platform is a ready-to-use cloud platform, empowered by experts in data collection, data analysis and industry-specific interpretation.

This enables companies to implement data intelligence activities, executed by experts in short lead times and avoiding high up-front investments in hardware and software.

   What you will have

  • A tool to make complex matters simple, with the help of data-analysis
  • Data-driven decisions, with metrics that matter
making smart decisions with big data analytics

   The results

The information will help you:

  • To understand how to improve your supply chain
  • To understand how to improve your production process
  • To identify (quality) risks
  • to improve your services to your customers
  • to improve your products
  • to monitor compliance and changes
  • to benchmark suppliers and customers
  • etc.


  • You tell us what you want to find out
  • We translate your question into a data analysis model
  • We set up a system for data collection in the cloud
  • We perform the analyses in the cloud
  • We visualize the results, and reveal the insights you need

   Why partner with Smart4Industries

  • A ready-to-use Cloud Analysis platform (based on SAS software)
  • Proven track-record in industries
  • Experienced data analysis experts
  • Experienced data collection & IT experts
  • Cloud Services: reduce complexity and reduce investments


Simply available in the Cloud … No capital investment … Subscription-based