Connectivity & Technology are key elements

for companies to become future-proof


Connectivity and Technology are key elements for companies to become future-proof. Companies improve their supply chain capabilities by connecting their systems internally and externally. Cloud technology is a prerequisite to unlock and analyse data from your factory or supply chain.

SAP, Microsoft and SAS Cloud Technology

Developed with SAP technology and certified by SAP, the HAI software can be used stand-alone or fully integrated with SAP ERP. Connectivity to SAP process orders and SAP QM inspection lots, and the possibility to run the HAI software as part of the SAP MII framework are options to empower your SAP landscape and SAP reporting capabilities. Data is maintained in one system only, and shared automatically.

Microsoft technology is used for front-end applications and Plant Business Intelligence .

SAS technology is used for advanced (statistical) analyses.


The Smart4Industries software and services are available in the Cloud and hosted by our partner NewItera ( Companies may also decide to have the HAI cloud software installed within their own firewalls with remote hosting services from NewItera.

Connect to the Cloud database

Data from any (remote) system is collected automatically and brought to the cloud in one central database. It offers real-time compliance monitoring, custom-designed dashboards, and in-depth statistical analysis features. And… what’s more: with only one central connected database there is only ONE VERSION OF THE TRUTH.

ISA-95 compliance

DISA-95 is a useful standard for system integration in manufacturing. ISA-95 expert Bianca Scholten explains HAI*QPM’s compliance with the ISA-95 operations model. She concludes that HAI*QPM reduces complexity and combines functions for MES and LIMS with OEE and SPC for use in production. Learn more about HAI*QPM and ISA-95 in Bianca Scholtens article in the Dutch professional magazine Automatie.

Connecting ERP

System integration is an important part of our daily work. This requires technical as well as functional know-how. A good  understanding of both ERP-systems and MES-systems is vital to define a successful integration between the two systems. The Smart4Industries software connects to SAP, Infor, MS Dynamics, Exact, etc.

Connecting machine data

We connect all types of data from any source and bring this data to the cloud. This may concern:

  • your (in- and off-line) test instruments (like weighing scales, lab instruments),
  • (remote) sensors, remote equipment (Internet of Things),
  • historian or SCADA systems.

To this end, we use a wide variety of data collection techniques, including OPC, database connections and Web Services.

Unlocking data from any system can be quite challenging. Over the past 20 years we’ve successfully collected data from a wide variety of (remote) sources, including systems from Wonderware, Siemens, GE, ABB, Aspentech, Mettler, Foss, etc.

Examples of the type of data that we collect are: start/stop times, volumes produced, downtimes, viscosity, pH values, dry matter, product flow, climate control data, camera-inspection data, pressure, data from weighing scales, etc.

Connect and you will save time, Prevent mistakes,
give Context to your data, and report One version of the Truth.

   The results

  • Reliable data through automatic data collection (no more mistakes, omissions, typing errors, handwriting issues, etc.)
  • Saving time, because there is no need for manual interaction, when data is automatically downloaded
  • A central cloud database, available for real-time compliance monitoring, daily reports and historical reporting and (statistical analysis

   Why partner with Smart4Industries?

  • Proven track-record to connect with any system or device
  • Proven track-record in cloud technology
  • SAP technology & certifications
  • Gartner “Cool vendor for Manufacturing”recognition as innovative software supplier


Simply available in the Cloud …. No capital investment …. Subscription-based