Big Data Analytics Services

with know-how in Food Safety, Quality and Process technology


HAI, Notilyze and Food Safety Experts have joined forces in HAI smart4industries Consortium. Resulting in a comprehensive all-inclusive solution, with

–  data analysts and domain experts, co-operating successfully

–  tools/technology: software for (cloud) data collection and data analysis software

The HAI smart4industries Consortium includes

  • a team of experts in process engineering and food safety, Plant IT, system integration, data collection and (SAS) advanced analytics
  • a cloud platform for data collection & real-time monitoring (HAI*QPM) and big data advanced analytics (SAS software),
  • Software as a Service, i.e subscription pricing instead of upfront license cost,
  • a strong focus on Food and Chemical Industries.

All activities are aimed at gaining insights by data. This may be any type of data, coming from multiple sources. Data collected in the cloud on a structural (real-time) basis. The cloud platform is used for real-time visualization, monitoring, statistical analysis, the development of models, and more.

The close co-operation between our experts in process engineering, IT and data science is of key importance to ensure impactful results. The cloud platform is developed specifically for this purpose. It enables a short time-to-market and reduced effort and cost.

This long-term partnership serves to benefit our customers.

The team


Rob Kooijmans

HAI Smart4Industries Consortium Process Engineering / Food Safety



Colin Nugteren

HAI Smart4Industries Consortium



Peter de Haer

HAI Smart4Industries Consortium



Anneke van der Linde

HAI Smart4Industries Consortium