HAI*QPM supports A-ware Food Group’s new cheese plant in its quest for Triple A:

– A-Quality. With real-time monitoring and reporting of production and quality compliance nothing is left to chance.

– A-wareness (CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility). HAI*QPM data analysis enables A-ware to reduce waste volumes and shrink its carbon footprint.

– Ambition: The HAI*QPM data analysis functions facilitates A-ware’s quest to continuously improve cheese quality.

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aware mozzarella fabriek digitaal

Royal A-ware’s new mozzarella/cream factory optimal digital

Royal A-ware looks back on a successful start-up of their new mozzarella/cream plant. This was due to very thorough preparations, also in the domain of digitalization.

“We have set the bar high, and are still reaping the benefits of this every day,” said Ype de Jong, site manager of the brand new factory.

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praktijkcase zuivel osisoft

Case study: HAI software a powerful add-on to OSISoft PI System

The combination of OSI PI System with HAI software has proven to be a great success in practice. In the mozzarella and cream factory of Royal A-ware (Heerenveen), the factory data in the PI System is connected to the smart dashboard software from HAI. Actemium played an important role in the implementation of these systems.

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“The software is proven technology in the dairy world, and HAI has strong partnerships with major suppliers in the dairy industry. The HAI*QPM software needs to collect information from various production units with a large number of connections. It is a major advantage for us to have one point of contact who takes full responsibility for these connections.”