Connectivity is a key element for successful digitization

Connect to the HAI Cloud database

HAI collects data from any (remote) system  and brings these data to the cloud in a central database. The HAI cloud software and database is available as a service. It’s scalable from a modest amount of data from a single factory to big data from a series of factories. It may even contain (big) data covering a supply chain.

This central database includes real-time dashboards, showing the data and its compliance against specifications or targets. Trending and data analytics turn the data into valuable insights.

Since the data is collected in one central HAI system, the reports provide one version of the truth. Even if the reports have different perspectives, like production reports, quality reports, utility consumption reports, foodsafety reports, etc.

Connecting sensor data

HAI connects all types of data from any source and brings these data to the cloud. This includes data from sensors. These sensors may be connected to your network, but even if they are not, HAI can connect them anyway. In this case HAI will connect the sensor directly to the HAI cloud database.

To this end, HAI uses webservice techniques to bring the data directly to the HAI cloud. ,

These sensor data may refer to product composition, processing conditions, machine status, climate conditions, utility consumptions, etc.

Connecting machine data

Data from production systems (PLC, SCADA) plays an important role in the HAI software. HAI connects to a wide variety of production historian databases. Alternatively it connects directly to PLC/SCADA systems.

Even though the production data may be collected in a historian database, that does not mean that the data is accessible for those who need it.

That’s where HAI comes in: it collects the most important data from the historian, and shows the data in the real-time HAI dashboards along with other contextual data, and including compliance of the data against specifications or target values.

Unlocking data from any system can be quite challenging. Over the past years HAI successfully collected data from a wide variety of production systems like Wonderware, OSI Pi System, Siemens, GE, ABB, Aspentech, Emerson, etc.

Examples of the type of data that we collect are: start/stop times, volumes produced, run/downtimes, viscosity, pH values, dry matter, product flow, pressure, climate control data, camera-inspection data, data from weighing scales, etc.

Connecting instrument data

HAI connects data from instruments and inspection devices. These devices may be used in-line, or stand alone in the lab or in the production area. Even if the instrument is not connected to the network, HAI can connect and bring the data directly to the HAI cloud database.

Examples of the type of data that we collect are:  viscosity, pH values, dry matter, climate control data, camera-inspection data, data from weighing scales, metal detection, X-ray, NIR, etc.

Connecting ERP and MES systems

The HAI smart4Industries software connects to all regular ERP and MES systems. Exchanging information about production orders, quality inspections, specification management, etc.

ISA-95 compliance

ISA-95 is the standard for system integration in manufacturing. In the article below, ISA-95 expert Bianca Scholten explains HAI’s compliance with the ISA-95 operations model.

Learn more about HAI and ISA-95 in Bianca Scholtens article in the Dutch professional magazine Automatie.

Connect and you will save time, Prevent mistakes,
give Context to your data, and report One version of the Truth.

   The results

  • Reliable data through automatic data collection (no more mistakes, omissions, typing errors, handwriting issues, etc.)
  • Saving time, because there is no need for manual interaction when data is automatically downloaded
  • A central cloud database, available for real-time compliance monitoring, daily reports and historical reporting and statistical analysis

   Why partner with Smart4Industries?

  • HAI’s software is simple, yet powerful, and implemented in a short time
  • Proven track-record to connect with any system or device
  • Proven track-record in cloud technology
  • Gartner “Cool vendor for Manufacturing”recognition as innovative software supplier


Simply available in the Cloud …. No capital investment …. Subscription-based