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The EOC Group (www.eocgroup.com) develops compounds, latices, adhesives, surfactants and emulsions in production units and agents in Europe and Asia, employing approx. 750 people worldwide.  EOC Group offers a wide range of high quality products for the textile, carpet, construction, automotive, non-woven, paper cardboard, paint, adhesive, detergents and cosmetic industries.

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“In the end, our goal is to produce higher volumes at lower cost, whilst maintaining our high level of flexible and adequate customer fulfilment. If we can achieve this by simply working smarter, that’s the way to go” – Alex Stok, Operations Director at EOC Group.

“Any supplier may offer a nice piece of software, but these days we know that only those who build their software using the best technology will be successful” – Bart Bisschop, Corporate ICT Manager at EOC Group.