Gartner: Stop worrying and love the cloud

Gartner, one of the world’s leading IT advisory firms, is clear about it: Embrace the Cloud, they say, even for business-critical applications. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks. This aligns with the trend of a growing number of factories using the cloud to process operational factory data in real-time, just like the new hai-app platform from HAI on the MS Azure Cloud.

HAI wins SAS Hackaton 2023 with Team Notilyze

HAI, together with data science specialist Notilyze, won the SAS Hackathon competition of 2023 in the Manufacturing category.
The winning case is a smart model that focuses on further optimizing the industrial production of cheese.
For the data analysis, a whopping two years’ worth of historical data from hai-app, HAI’s cloud platform, was utilized.

Hackaton Winner Notilyze

Winning the worldwide SAS Hackaton!

Team Notilyze/HAI has won the SAS Hackaton with a Manufacturing Insights tool for statistical analysis and predictive modelling.

The tool provides insight in managing energy consumption and helps to optimize production processes.

The tool is applied to data from a distillation process in a Dutch factory.