Mona Dairy

Based in Wales (UK), Mona Dairy combines the best of artisan cheese making with the best of large-scale factory processes to deliver consistently high-quality cheese. The very latest technology is used to build their 21st century cheese production facility that’s friendly to the planet. Mona Dairy makes high quality cheese to a custom recipe, at any scale, from single farm origin small batch, to high volume production.

Mona Dairy can access milk supplies from sustainable, local, Welsh farms, including organic, to make a variety of cheeses from Cheddar and Territorials to continentals like Gouda and Edam. Single farm milk can be used to create bespoke products.

Mona Dairy can produce both brine and dry salted cheese, as well as varying the fat content and cheese shape, from UK and EU standard blocks to round cheese, including additional ingredients such as herbs and spices.

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