Instant time to value: no software to install or maintain!

HAI*QPM is directly available in the Cloud: the latest and easiest way to use software, frequently referred to as Software-as-a-Service (SAAS). The HAI*QPM data centre is located in the Fujitsu Cloud, available for its users 24/7 all around the globe.

The HAI*QPM Fujitsu Cloud Services have a lot of benefits for the end-user. The ICT & Finance Departments enjoy the Cloud Services, because it allows them to keep costs low by avoiding the purchase, installation and maintenance of your own servers & costly IT support, and have the latest functionality all the time, without upgrades or change management headaches.

Alternatively, companies may decide to have HAI*QPM installed at their own data center and enjoy the cloud benefits within their own firewalls.

No need for installation on (local) server

  • Always the latest version of the software
  • No need for system management
  • Available any time, anywhere
  • No need for update & change management
  • Easy to roll-out to other plants
  • Start using the software immediately
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