Smart In-Line Testing with HAI*QPM in the Cloud

Create your own Smart Factory

& Use In-line test results to improve


In-line testing for moisture, fat, protein, ash, particle size, etc.

What you’ll have

  • Your in-line test results will be collected in real-time in the Cloud
  • They will be put “in context” with other data (product/batch number, process settings/conditions, operator records, raw material characteristics, end-product characteristics)
  • Statistical Analysis functions can be applied to interpret the test results
  • Identify how the test-results can be applied to define corrective actions for operators
  • Use the data real-time (compliance & corrective action) and historically (for data analysis purposes)
  • Ready to use trending, correlations and other SPC analyses for trouble shooting, process improvement opportunities, etc.
  • Use your in-line test results (like PSD Analyser) for real-time predictive analytics on your end-product particle size distribution.
  • Early warning system to prevent out-of-spec events

Your benefits

  • Replace end-product testing by in-line testing, and prevent out-of-spec
  • Unparalleled insight into your plant performance
  • Reduce rejected batches
  • Find your optimum process settings
  • Improve product quality consistency
  • Minimize downtimes/maximize speed
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Prevent fouling
  • Optimize your CIP process
  • Optimize your maintenance strategy 




Simply available in the Cloud …. No capital investment …. Subscription-based