Latest (Microsoft) technologies

The success of a software application is in many ways determined by its underlying technologies and architecture. After all, these technologies determine the software’s scalability, performance, capacity to handle big data, (predictive) analytics capabilities, security levels, connectivity, speed of new developments, etcetera.

Each of these aspects are important when you’re collecting big data from your factory’s daily operations. In particular when you are visualizing these data in real-time dashboards, analytics and reports.

That’s why hai-app is built with a carefully selected set of new technologies from Microsoft, Google and SAS analytics, plus the use of Kafka and Kubernetes.

A powerful time-series based database ensures high performance and (big data) scalability from one individual factory up to a series of factories or even a supply chain.

The hai-app cloud database runs in MS Azure, and is available for companies in a SAAS model (Software as a Service). This means that the software is ready-to-use in the HAI cloud and requires no local installation. Consequently, customers can immediately start implementing the software.


Technology is key


Performance & Security

Big data capabilities

Analytics capabilities

The Benefits of the HAI software :

•  Get immediate results

• Reduce complexity

• Become a data driven digital organization