Transform current paper-based records into real-time HAI*QPM database

Being highly intuitive, HAI*QPM requires a minimum of training effort. With a little help from HAI or its partners, companies can set up their own basic configuration of HAI*QPM, and get started!

Transform current excel-based records into real-time HAI*QPM database

Once HAI*QPM is configured to record your quality test results or process control data, you can start with data entry on the shop floor or in the laboratory. Five minutes end-user training is sufficient for end-users to make the switch from paper forms to data entry in HAI*QPM.

Hai*QPM Cloud manufactoring intelligence software HAI

HAI*QPM data entry

Once implemented and ready for use, HAI*QPM is easily adopted by end-users at the production line and in the lab. Easy and userfriendly screens facilitate an easy switch from paper forms to data entry in HAI*QPM.

Set-up Integration between HAI*QPM and:

  1. Your SCADA/historian system in Production
  2. Your testing equipment in the lab or in Production
  3. Your LIMS-system
  4. Your ERP System
  5. Etc.

Preconfigured HAI*QPM integration modules facilitate quick creation of interfaces (through OPC, textfiles, database connections, etc.).

Standard Reports

Once HAI*QPM is up-and-running and quality and production data are collected, the standard HAI*QPM reports can be used for tracking and tracing, certificates of analysis, batch reporting, production performance, etc.

Company-specific reports

Create your company specific reports & dashboards.

Process improvement

Once the HAI*QPM database is populated with your quality and production data, HAI experts can support you in using and interpreting the standard data analysis tools within HAI*QPM. This enables you to make process improvements, for instance by understanding causes of product quality issues, increasing production performance, etc.