HAI*QPM for Drying Processes:

  1. Make use of our expertise in drying processes
  2. Create unparalleled insight into your plant performance by bringing together data from multiple sources: SCADA/PLC/Historian, Lab test results, Microbiology Lab & Operator Process Control test results.
  3. Use your in-process test results (like PSD Analyser) for real-time predictive analytics on your end-product specs.
  4. Let us define your optimum processing settings to:
    • maximize your output volumes
    • minimize your energy consumption
    • prevent fouling
    • minimize CIP-runs
    • optimize your maintenance strategy
    • improve your OEE
  5. Highly regulated environment? We’ll make sure your implementation is validated.
  6. Connect to your ERP-system.
  7. Immediately available in The Cloud.
  8. No capital investment, subscription-based