Why do customers add HAI*QPM in addition to their corporate systems?

Customers add HAI*QPM to their existing systems from SAP, Oracle, Wonderware, Siemens,, ABB, Rockwell, etc., because:

  • HAI*QPM is complementary to ERP-solutions from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Baan, Movex, etc.. ERP-systems have a transaction-based database model. It is therefore difficult to record production data based on time-series. For instance: when we need to log the temperature of a production unit every 10 minutes, it is difficult to record this in an ERP system which is built to log information only when transactions take place (like the transaction: “production order finished”). In fact HAI*QPM is a practical extension of ERP to the shop floor with an event-based data-structure.
  • HAI*QPM is complementary to the conventional global MES-systems, since HAI*QPM offers unique real-time visualisation of production & quality data , and ready-to-use manufacturing & quality reports and analyses.

Other reasons to include HAI*QPM in your manufacturing software landscape

  •  short implementation
  • ease of implementation
  •  easy to handle
  • atrractive pricing
  • database independence
  • public/private cloud computing

-> creating quick benefits, low implementation costs, low implementation risk
-> high flexibility/agility for future changes/enhancements, no need to wait and pay for external consultants when your implementation needs to be changed since this can be done by the customer
-> end-user acceptance (operators & quality engineers)
-> subscription based: no software license fee
-> select the database that fits best into your IT-landscape (SQL Server, MaxDB, Oracle, etc.)
-> reduce cost, increase flexibility and mobility

Based on the latest (SAP)Netweaver technology HAI*QPM enables continuity and connectivity: a modern, flexible,,webbased platform, ready for integration with other business systems.

HAI*QPM is based on industry-standard technologies, providing architectural freedom to connect to ERP- and MES-systems, and reinforce existing company-wide standards.

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